Studio 45


- Studio 45 is a new work space for Marston Architects in Manly. Set within a heritage listed terrace house, care was taken to restore the external facade with original features. Internally the space has been divided into two distinct zones separated by a plywood utility box containing a concealed kitchen and associated storage space. The eastern zone contains four workstations which project from an open plywood storage unit running along the full length of the northern wall. Desk legs were carefully detailed in stainless steel rod to minimise visual impact allowing the desks to seemingly float above the floor. A 3.2m high white linen curtain runs along the entire southern wall concealing storage and the access to the first floor. By contrast, the western zone has a 900mm high workbench which is used for model making, painting, drawing and meetings. A new compressed sheet floor runs throughout the entire workspace providing a seamless surface which ties the parts together into an integrated whole.