N house


- The N house is located on a deep, north facing site in Sydney with expansive valley views. The original home was constructed towards the northern end of the block with garaging at the southern street side. The clients requirements were to renovate the existing single level home and to add a second storey extension to accommodate a growing family of 3 children. A key requirement was to link the north facing garden which contained an existing pool, to the south side of the home containing a large “park like” garden designed by Secret Gardens. This was achieved by relocating the bedrooms to the new first floor extension allowing a transparent ground level containing living spaces and connecting the gardens. The design process involved firstly exploring as many opportunities as we could uncover and ensuring passive solar design throughout. A combination of physical models and 3D computer models were used and at every stage presented to the client. Critical to our practice is client’s involvement in the design process as the end result is a home which reflects their particular lifestyle.